For whom the application is intended?
The application is for patients with IBD who want to challenge their disease and better understand how they can change their condition. The application is suitable for patients who have been struggling with this illness for a long time and are experiencing any phase of it. The patient's goal is to learn how to keep the disease in the quiescent phase and avoid activities that exacerbate it.
Is it just another recording app? What makes it different?
Our application is not just an ordinary recorder. We analyze your data very deeply to understand what can affect your condition. We simply want to discover relationships and trends in order to provide you with the broader context surrounding your data. Our goal is to give you information about how different behaviors impact your illness.
Do you have any personal experience with Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
Should I think about app as medical aid?
No, we don't provide any medical support. For medical support always contact your GP or specialist. The service is provided for informational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. In addition, it is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified physician. Any actions taken upon information obtained through the service are at your sole risk.
I tried nearly everything. I take pills and I’m visiting my GP regularly. What can your app do to help me?
Very often, when we are doing things unconsciously, our behavior patterns are unclear and difficult to remember. With our app you will not miss anything of great importance. The goal is to provide enough information to allow you to evaluate the effects for your illness.


Is it possible to try the app for free?
The application can be used for free.
How difficult is to insert data?
During development, we have put strong effort to maximizing the efficiency of data insertion. As a result, inserting data should be quick and easy. This is our focus because data is crucial to our analysis.
How long does it take to insert my data?
Sufficient volume of your data is the key to analysis. If we do not have enough information, it will be difficult to look for any relationships in the data. Quality and, in particular, long-term data is crucial for all analysis. Some markers may show up consistently, while others may only be visible after some time. We have done everything we can to offer you very quick way of inserting data so that the use of our app can be maintained over a long period of time.
How important is to record my food?
Food is one of the strongest factors in the state of your disease. That’s why it’s so important to analyze the exact ingredients. In this input category, we are give you a way to insert information about food very precisely. You can either enter existing recipes or create your own recipe with your ingredients (Our database contains hundreds of thousands of recipe and ingredient items). You are able to say exactly what you eat, including the regional differences. Based on the ingredients you input, we analyze and look for trends.
What is observation?
Observation is a part of our app with the purpose of giving you enough information to think about your disease in new ways. Observations show trends regarding important markers in various timeframes where we see changes. We are presenting findings in a very understandable way: both textual and visual. We typically generate your unique observation report several times per week. The frequency depends on the amount of data, though it is not the only factor. We are analyzing important stuff; we don’t want to overload you. We want you to present the most important observations to give you a chance to think about them.
Can I download or print reports from the applications?
Data is not always available to download, but it is always available in your application. It is also available when you are not online. When you reinstall the app and login again, your data is downloaded and ready to use in the app again. The application currently does not have export of print options.

Data & Security

What about security of my data?
Our priority is to protect your data. Our technical solutions are based on physical separation of data and identity. Without knowledge of the link, nobody can identify your records. Our solution to minimize the possibility of data being stolen.
Some of "required" records seems to be too personal. Can I record only what I want?
Yes, you can record only what you want. However, it’s important to understand that we need all relevant records for the best possible analysis based on your data. Without all your data, we may miss important factors.
What about Big Data approach?
One of our long-term mission is to map IBD globally, we hope that we will be able to create global reports based on our data showing some uncommon facts of this disease. We will be happy to cooperate with medical institutions and provide you feedback from such synergy. You can be 100% sure that all data for such cases will be without any PPI (Personally Identifiable Information) and with no chance of your data being traced to you.
Will I benefit from such global data?
Yes, and no. Global data can educate you in some ways. You will be able to learn about how other people behave, what helps them, and what makes theirs condition worse. You can get an idea for how other people fight the disease. But on the other hand, IBD varies from person to person, so a plan that helped others might not help you.
How did you calibrate your analysis tools?
During development, we gathered data for more than 16 months continuously to calibrate our analysis mechanism. This is part of the never ending research process, so we constantly work on improvements. As we continue to do this, we will have more information with which we can analyze your results.

Other Topics

Which platform do you support?
Currently we are offering the app for Android and iPhone. Minimum Android OS version is 4.0.3 and minimal iPhone OS version is 9.0.
Can I transfer my license to the new device?
Your license is bound to your account on Google Play or the App Store. This means that you can transfer your license as long as your google or apple account is the same (e.g. buying a new phone). Unfortunately, it’s not possible to transfer your license across different platforms.
Do I have to be online to operate your application?
No. Permanent connectivity is not required. Our application is gathering data when you work with it and waiting for available connection to process server requests. Such communication delivers the content to your device so you can see it offline anytime. There is only one exception to that. You have to be online to be able to insert your food records because that feature involves real-time communication with our servers.
Will your application slow down my device?
No. The architecture of application is designed to be as effective as possible, so there are no problems with device resource consumption. All resource intensive analyses are done on the server.
I was using another type of IBD notebook, can I transfer the data to your application?
Currently, there is no option to import data from other applications.
Are there any ads in the app?
No, there are no ads.
In case of questions or troubles, how can I reach you?
For all questions please use support@womoapp.eu. We will be happy to answer any questions for you.
Is there any other language other than English in which I can run the app?
No. For now, the only supported language is English.