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The state of inflammatory bowel disease (such as Crohn's disease or Ulcerative colitis) depends on various inputs (food, stress, medicines, etc.). Sometimes there are very obvious dependencies between these factors and the state of your illness, however there also might be less obvious dependencies.

That's why we developed the IBD Fighter app. We believe that even the less obvious dependencies can have significant impact on the condition of the illness. So, we automatically discover these correlations in order to give you appropriate advice and suggestions based on your personal data and the found dependencies. This enables you to improve your behavior and habits to improve your health.

It is necessary to track inputs accurately over a long period of time to get the best results. That is also why the app is designed to be as simple as possible. It is our goal to ensure that you don’t spend unnecessary time recording of your inputs.

Last but not least, be part of our community mapping IBD globally. Having data from many users means to have a chance to understand better IBD worldwide. Help us in this mission!

Key Features


Discover trends of important markers that potentially influence the disease and realize dependencies/relationships between them in different timeframes.


Understand your behavioral patterns. Though some are not initially clear, with our hints you can think about how they can influence your IBD phases of disease.


Analyze your consumed food based on ingredients. We provide a very deep understanding of ingredients that may have a strong influence on your state.

Your Questions

Pff.. another recording app. What is different?
Our application is not just an ordinary recorder. We analyze your data very deeply to understand what can affect your condition. We simply want to discover relationships and trends in order to provide you with the broader context surrounding your data. Our goal is to give you information about how different behaviors impact your illness.
Is it possible to try the app for free?
The application can be used for free.
Do you have any personal experience with Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
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UC for 3 years

“I used just a normal recording app for my disease, but it was nearly impossible to get down to brass tacks. With this experience, IBD Fighter is providing me an awesome extra value.”

Crohn's disease for 5 years

“I really love the way how IBD Fighter is presenting me all kind of results. I'm not technical at all, but for me in this app, everything is clear and super easy to interpret.”

UC for 2 years

“I started to drink regularly fresh orange juice in the company canteen without any concerns, but IBD Fighter showed me a few weeks later potencial correlation of my sligthly progressive disease status with this new behaviour pattern. So, sour fresh juice probably doesn't make me good.”


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